With the purpose to present better for our special readers, the incoming new Ncaa season, we made some interviews with some Big 12 players. We are very glad for this first article, to have at dailybasket.it, Jaye Crockett, player at Texas Tech.

Jaye Crockett (Source: redraiders.com)

Jaye Crockett (Source: redraiders.com)

Tell us something about your experience at Texas Tech (like something you really love about Texas Tech) ? What I love about Tech is the people here, they’re really big on sports and very welcoming, I’ve been here 5 years and it feels like home.

Can you tell us something about your passion for basketball (like when started your passion for basketball) ? My passion for basketball is very strong, besides my family it’s the most important thing to me, I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old and haven’t stopped since then, it’s been something that has kept me focused all my life and motivated me to do good in school and it even helped me get a college education .

You are a leader in your team and you are strong at rebounding. In which other aspect of the game do you think you can increase more in this season? This season is a little different for me because I’ll be playing the small forward position and handling the ball more along with shooting, so this whole summer and offseason I’ve worked on getting my jump shot and ball handling better. As a leader I try to keep my team motivated on and off the court and focused on what we have to do this season to win.

Which are your expectations for the team in this new season ? My expectations for the team this year are to finish with over 20 wins, get to the NCAA tournament and set a winning foundation for Texas Tech in the future.

About coach Tubby Smith, in your opinion, which is the most important lesson you are receiving from him? I think Coach Smith is great for Tech I feel like he’ll really change the program, I wish I had more than one year with him, every time he talks I feel like I learn something, the thing that he’s said to me that really stuck with me is that if you want something to happen you have to be the one that goes out and make it happen no one will do it for you and you can’t just wish and hope it happens.

 Jaye Crockett, Texas Tech

Note: A special thanks to Mr.Trenten Hilburn, Associate Director/Communications at Texas Tech, for his kind support in this interview, and to Jaye for the time he dedicate us.