It’s a particulary pleasure for us to present to our special readers, the interview we could made to Leyton Hammonds, a senior forward from North Richland Hill, Texas, playing for Oklahoma State University:

Leyton Hammonds (photo credits

Leyton Hammonds (photo credits

Please tell us and our Italian readers something about you, like what do you study and how is a day in your life like a student?

“My major is business management. Every day I wake up and usually have a lift in the morning around eight o’clock. I go eat breakfast after that and head to the academic center to do homework. I have class on Tuesday and Thursdays at 12:30 and then I practice after that.”

Please, tell to our readers something about your passion for basketball (when did you start loving basketball)?

I started playing in kindergarten when I was six years old. I started loving the game when I was in fourth grade, but I mean ever since I started playing I had a passion for it. My dad played it, my older brother played and I kind of just wanted to be like them.”

When you decided to go to Oklahoma State, what convinced you more (if there was a principal motive) in the decision, comparing your college with others?

“It was just the family atmosphere they had here. A lot of guys from the area that I grew up at ended up playing here: Le’Bryan Nash, Phil Forte and Marcus Smart. So I knew those guys beforehand, but really just the family atmosphere. The coaches recruited me pretty hard.”

Could you tell us something about yours first week of training? In training, does Coach Underwood push the team in something particular (maybe there’s something new)?

“Just being everyday guys. Work hard every day and give it your best every day. He pushes that, but it’s been great these first couple of week. I’m just excited to play Friday. It’s been really great.”

How many hours at the week you usually spend in basketball training (or totally if you stay more in gym that the official training)?

“That’s a good question. I would say about six a day and 36 hours a week.”

You’ve kind of become a TV star with the Hammond’s Hot Seat(link). Can you talk about how cool that is and how much fun it is?

“It’s great. I didn’t think it was going to blow up that big. Stephen told me that he was going to have me interview some of the guys, and I don’t mind talking to people because I love to talk. It’s always good to get to know some of the freshmen like that and just let the world know how some of our guys think and how they are.”

Note: A special thanks to Mr.Stephen Howard, Assoc. Director of Communications at OSU, for his kind support in this interview, and to Leyton for the time he dedicate us.